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Premium American Coyote Pelts

Explore our meticulously sourced collection of American Coyote Pelts, responsibly obtained through regulated culling operations to manage the coyote population, a recognized pest species in the USA. Each pelt is carefully graded from A to D, catering to various needs from high-end decor to creative crafting projects.


Grade A Pelts: Our premium selection, Grade A pelts feature the fullest and most intact features, including faces, ears, and eye holes with minimal imperfections. The fur is lush, with no hair loss, bald spots, or holes, making it ideal for luxurious home decor, such as wall hangings or elegant throws. Collectors will appreciate the pristine condition for natural history displays.


Grade B Pelts: Slightly less perfect than Grade A, these pelts may have minor damages, particularly around the facial area, and slightly more hair loss. They are well-suited for use in high-quality costume making, such as for theatrical productions or traditional garments, where slight imperfections can be creatively integrated or hidden.


Grade C Pelts: With more visible damage than the higher grades but free from major defects, Grade C pelts are perfect for educational purposes, such as in schools for nature study projects, or for more forgiving crafting projects where the overall look benefits from a rustic, wild appearance.


Grade D Pelts: These are our most affordable option, ideal for creative repurposing projects. The significant defects, like larger holes or missing parts, make them suitable for crafting unique items where the integrity of the pelt is not the primary concern, such as in making fur-trimmed bags, patchwork, or costume accessories that require only small pieces of fur.


Selection Process: Please note that the skins are selected at random from the chosen grade, and the photos displayed are for illustrative purposes only. They represent a general idea of the condition you can expect for each grade but are not images of the actual item you will receive. This ensures each customer receives a unique piece, true to the grade's standards but distinct in its individual characteristics.


Pricing and Uses: Each grade's pricing reflects the fur and pelt quality, allowing you to select the best option for your specific application and budget. From creating statement pieces for home decor to designing distinctive garments and accessories, our coyote pelts offer a range of possibilities to enhance your projects with natural beauty and rustic charm.

Our graded coyote pelts provide diverse options for decorators, collectors, and artisans, all backed by ethical sourcing practices that contribute to wildlife management efforts in the USA.

Coyote Pelt - Wallhanger

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