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Introducing our robust magnetic closure boxes, the latest addition to our collection! These boxes come with a magnetic seal, perfect for safely storing your purchases. Enhance any order by opting for one of these keepsake boxes, and we’ll pack your items inside, elevating any order to an extraordinary display case. At 31cm in length, 10cm in height, and 23cm in width, they comfortably fit most of our products, except the largest skulls (contact us before buying if you’re unsure about sizing).


Adorned with our logo, these boxes also offer a personal touch. Customize them with a message or name on the outside or inside, making them ideal for gifts. Note that customized boxes require extra processing time for personalization.


To give a unique gift, simply select a product and add a gift box to your cart, including your personalized message (e.g., “Happy Birthday Sam”), and we’ll handle the rest, packaging it beautifully and sending it directly to you or the recipient. If no customization is specified, a standard box with our logo will be sent. This service allows us to ship directly to your intended recipient, reducing the need for you to re-ship. For customization, fill in the provided fields with your desired message and specify its placement, like 'outside front cover' or 'inside front cover'.

Fox Hollow gift box


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