Bleeding hearts or heads this new product is a lifesize 1:1 replica of human skull model. It is made of high grade resin material for durable use. Also included is one (1) Vampire tear blood candle. The picture shown is the result of the candle being burnt down over time and does not arrive like this! Where is the fun in that! We have put this set together so you get to do the fun part yourself at home (or in your dungeon we don't judge)


If you are too impaient to wait for the candle to burn down, you can use a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the candle down faster. 


This set is also available with two (2) skulls & (2) vampire blood candles, if you buy the double set it is cheaper than the single skull! 


These would also be fanatstic decorations for halloween!



Human Skull imitation & Vampire tear blood candle set

  • If you are an amazing human being ( & obviously have fantastic taste)  & you are buying this as a gift, please request your FREE gift wrapping in the notes section at the checkout!!

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