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Coveting a stroke of luck in your life? Discover the fascinating world of the lucky rabbit foot with our captivating keychain! Available in Black & white or if you want to leave it to the fates, selct random selection for us to pick for you, these endearing charms not only make for stylish accessories but also harbor a profound history of luck, deeply rooted in ancient Pegan beliefs.


The tradition of carrying a rabbit's foot as a talisman of good fortune harks back to the ancient Pegan culture, where rabbits were venerated as mystical beings believed to possess extraordinary magical qualities. This reverence was particularly associated with their extraordinary agility, enabling them to evade predators and navigate treacherous terrain. The notion that these qualities could be harnessed for human benefit led to the rabbit foot becoming a symbol of protection and prosperity.


The preservation of these rabbit feet, with bones and all, maintains the essence of their magical power, making them a truly distinctive and thought-provoking choice for your keychain. It's important to note that the preservation process may impart a subtle chemical odor to the feet.

Nonetheless, these keychains serve as perfect adornments for your car keys, house keys, wallets, purses, handbags, and more, allowing a touch of ancient luck to accompany you on your journey. Remember, even the tiniest bit of luck can set the stage for remarkable changes in your life!

Lucky Rabbit Foot Keychain ~ real fur ~ oddity ~ curiosity ~ Wildlife art ~

  • Being a small business we endevour to get orders together as quick as possible but sometime this doesnt always happen on the same day as your order!

    Also please be sure to select the right shipping proile for you on the checkout menu. We have put together a few diffferent shipping profiles. Free shipping is default a satchel only and standard post. This typically takes 5-7 Business days (Depending on Australia Post). All postage times are from time of posting not from time of ordering. 


    If you have any question please don't hesitiat to contact us! Happy shopping!

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