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Pet Preservation 

Having a pet brings years of happy memories and our lives are richer for it, however as with all living things eventually  the time will come. These animals become more than friends, they are family, confidants, therapists and so much more. 

This issue is particularly close to my heart as the whole reason I began taxidermy was to preserve my horse. He is the reason I started this journey and if it weren't for him I wouldn't be were I am today. I hope that by offering our pet preservation service I can help other achieve the same wishes. 

Fox Hollow is please to announce that we can now offer cremation services along with taxidermy services for all* pets. We can provide a combination of cremation and taxidermy or you can simply choose to have your loved one cremated. There are may options you are not limited to one choice. We are also looking into various other memorial options like, ashes set in resin  and other memorial options.

The cremation price includes a wooden display place that holds the ashes as well as a name plaque with your special pets name engraved on it. This price also includes express tracked & insured postage for the  urn to anywhere in Australia*

*at present the cremation size is limited to 100kg or under 

* the postage included in the cremation price is for the return of the ashes to the client not the cost of transporting the clients pet to Fox Hollow 

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