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For many years, soft mount commissions have been a massive part of my business & I would like to thank everyone who worked with me to bring their creations to life! As with many business we have decided to head in a new direction with soft mounting & will not be offering much commission work going forward as we plan to more of a pre-made style. There will be  a few exceptions like wolves for example these can sometimes be costly and most likely not come available as a pre-made.  It is also likely that from time to time I will have spare time& would be able to take on a personalised commission spot. These will be very heavily advertised bia our socials so if you just HAVE to have a custom piece from Fox Hollow Taxidermy make sure you like our socials so you can keep up to date on any potential commission spots. Additionally  while the pre-made softies will be available on the website they will also be listed on Fox Hollow socials and may sell before i have the chance to list them so please keep your eyes on both to have the best chance to be able to adopt on of our amazing creations. 

In the mean time, please check out the gallery  below to view my past commissions

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