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Pictured: Fox Hollow Taxidermy Owner with A Demonstrative Aid commissioned by Local Land Services to raise awareness against feral dogs.


I have owned Fox Hollow Taxidermy for 7 years! Building this business from the ground up, there has been literally blood, sweat & tears! Over the last few years there has been even more struggles with COVID, moving, cancelled events all while trying to raise 3 little kids. While I’ve LOVED every minute of it we have decided to move the business in a different direction for awhile. Going forward Fox Hollow will not be offering commissions, pet preservation or taking on custom jobs. We are moving to more of a pre-made style. Any commissions or work that is currently agreed to will be honours however we will not be accepting anymore work. Going forward projects will be completed and then will either go up for auction or sale via our website (dw I will give plenty of notice) all the skins and other things on the website will remain the same. I hope you guys will support our new business direction and we look forward to turning this new leaf over for the business.

Environmental Responsibility 

When you choose to buy from me you can be certain you are dealing with a business who will step up to environmental responsibility.  Fur is a sustainable and renewable resource. It is a product which would otherwise be cast aside in the care & control of feral and pest animal populations. It is important to use as much of the product as possible, as the culling process is a part of rebuilding ecosystems, destroyed by any feral animals.

I also adheres to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) guidelines that ensure that no current embargoed skins reach the market illegally.

"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

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