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The last few years have been a bit of a roller coaster, with COVID & moving we are redesigning our business model. This means that at least for the time being we have limited some of our services. We are moving to more of a Pre-made style of business where all the creations I make along with fur pelts, other pre-made items and various other curios will be available to purchase via the website. 

We are also very much looking forward to getting back into the festival scene as we just attended The Abbey Medieval Festival in July 22 with amazing success! 

We always love hearing from you! If you have any questions or feedback we would LOVE to hear from you!

Another development in the business is the wholesale opportunity. Having suppliers from many corners of the world we can import many different types of skins and quantities! If you are in need of a few fur or other supplies we can usually offer larger orders a wholesale discount.


We have supplied major movie productions, prop company's as well as other taxidermy business, museum's, teaching groups & local land services for educational purposes. 


If this sounds like it would be of interest to you or your business please don't hesitate to reach out.   


Here at Fox Hollow we believe education is crucial! So Fox Hollow also is available to travel to schools, hunting clubs, universities, museums etc. We can offer:

  • simple show & tells (primary school)

  • In depth discussions and displays (secondary school)

  • Guest speaking at universities 

  • Museum talks and demonstrations

  • Hunting and field prep

The list goes on & on if you are interested in having Fox Hollow come and talk with you please contact us for costs & information

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