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These rabbit pelt are availale in three grades:


A Grade: larger pelt with few to no imperfections i.e. bald spots, missing fur etc these are great quality skins, great for higher end applications. A Grade skin also feature more even colour distribution than the lower grade pelts, therefor are better for garment/blanket making as the pelts will be more similar in colour than the lower grades. A grades also have thicker, denser fur than their lower grade counter parts 


B Grade: Slightly smaller than the A grade pelts B grade pelt can have some minor inperfections i.e. bald spots, missing fur etc. Great for mid quality applications. B grade pelts will have more colour variations than the A grade however if matching pelt colour isnt important to you these are a great choice. B grades have slightly shorter fur than A grades however it is minimal and still have a beautiful soft, luxury feel to them.


C Grade: Smaller again than A & B grade, C grade pelts can have some minor imperfections i.e. bald spots, missing fur etc. however it will still be minimal as any major defects skins are recycled into other projects. These are great pelts for crafting project and have the most colour variations of all the grades. They do have the shorest of all the fur however they are still soft and lovely to the touch. 


All grades come in a variety of colours & sizes please select your preferences from the dropdown menu  before adding to your cart otherwise your skin will be picked at random. All grades have been broken in meaning all the pelt leather is soft and supple so they can be cut, sewn etc into any shape or used for any application.


These rabbit pelts are mainly sourced from meat rabbits, here at Fox Hollow we believe in stainablity so we aim to use as much of the animal as we can! The meat is used, the skins are tanned ready for use, the bones are used even the offal is turned to dog food or fertilizer! 

Genuine Natural Rabbit Pelt Skin ~ 3 Grades & Multiple colours available ~