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Meet "Rupert," a magnificent vintage wooden carousel horse with a storied past. Despite his trials, Rupert remains robust and resilient, boasting a newly added real horse hair tail. While the original wooden saddle has suffered damage at the back, a skilled woodworker could restore it to its former glory.

Rupert has been a beloved fixture for children, strong enough to support adults without issue, proving his durability and strength. Standing impressively at 1.1 meters tall and stretching 1.4 meters in length, Rupert's grandeur is undeniable, weighing in at an estimated 30-40 kg.

Due to his substantial size, Rupert is exclusively available for pickup in Ipswich, QLD, as his dimensions make freight shipping unfeasible. He is an ideal find for collectors of vintage rocking horses, woodworking enthusiasts keen on restoration, businesses seeking a child-friendly attraction, or as a unique photography prop for children up to 7 years old.

Included in the purchase are several accessories:

  • A black medieval rug
  • A bridle complete with a real metal bit
  • A toddler-sized real pony saddle, designed to attach to Rupert (note: not suitable for actual ponies)
  • Real metal stirrups

These items are part of the sale, available for use at your discretion.


As noted earlier, this item is available for pickup only. When purchasing online, it may indicate "free shipping," but please be aware that shipping is not available for this item. The buyer is expected to arrange for collection within seven (7) days following the sale.


"Rupert" ~ Wooden ~ carousel horse ~ Vintage ~ rocking horse ~


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