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Are you an aficionado of delightfully bad taxidermy? If so, we have just the item to thrill you! Behold our derpy white-tailed deer, a quirky specimen that has journeyed all the way from the USA to showcase its gloriously offbeat presence. This piece is a vintage treasure, and while its history remains a mystery, its appeal is unmistakable.


Our derpy deer may never be celebrated for anatomical accuracy, but it boasts a unique character and charm that are undeniable. It stands as a creative canvas, eagerly awaiting your artistic touch. Imagine transforming it into any character you desire, or perhaps adorning it with gears and gadgets to venture into the realm of steampunk fantasy. The possibilities are limitless, inviting you to embark on a creative journey with this endearingly quirky deer as your muse. The price covers shipping across Australia, and given its substantial size and weight, it represents excellent value.

Derpy Deer ~ Taxidermy Mount ~ Vintage ~ Imported ~ Decor ~


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