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Exquisite Dual Coyote Taxidermy Display

Capture the essence of the wild with this masterfully crafted taxidermy piece featuring two lifelike coyotes - a large adult and a juvenile. This stunning creation showcases the animals in a natural, interactive pose, bringing a slice of nature into any space.

Key features:

  • Full-body mount of a large adult coyote in a resting position
  • Juvenile coyote mounted in a playful, alert stance
  • Set on a sturdy, rustic wooden base
  • Surrounded by artificial foliage, including ferns and small flowering plants


Special notes: The juvenile coyote skin, while successfully mounted, had some damage during preparation. There are some hidden patches and visible holes if viewed from the underside. These imperfections are not visible when the display is mounted as intended, but we disclose this for full transparency.

This piece is large and heavy, making it unsuitable for standard postage. The coyotes can be separated from the base, but the wooden base alone is quite heavy. Due to its size and weight, this item is best suited for local pickup from Ipswich, Brisbane.

Buyers are welcome to arrange their own courier service if needed, but please note that all pickup or shipping arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer.

The attention to detail in this piece is extraordinary, from the texture of the fur to the alert expressions of the animals. The coyotes' poses capture a moment of companionship, making this not just a display, but a story told through taxidermy art.

This piece would make a striking addition to a study, lodge, or any space wanting to incorporate the beauty of wildlife. It's an ideal acquisition for collectors, nature enthusiasts, or those looking for a unique, conversation-starting decor element.

Exact dimensions and care instructions available upon request.

Dual Coyote Taxidermy Display ~ Taxidermy ~ Coyote ~ Lifesize Mount ~


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