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Introducing "Snuggle Buns: Enchanted Rabbit Companions"! Embark on a journey to a whimsical land of cuddles with our rabbit fur keychains, where each piece embodies the softness of a rabbit's fur and the charm of floppy ears, arms, and legs.


Step into the enchanting realm of "Snuggle Buns" – a collection that brings forth the spirit of unique characters through their delectable colors. From the comforting warmth of "Mocha" to the sugary delight of "Cotton Candy," the creamy sweetness of "Coconut Cream," the berry-filled joy of "Blueberry Bliss" and the delectable allure of "Pâté" each option tells its own captivating tale.


Crafted from genuine rabbit fur, ethically sourced for its plush softness, these keychains come alive with the character of each color variant, transforming them into enchanting companions that resonate with irresistible charm.


Embark on a quest through the vibrant spectrum of "Snuggle Buns" and find your ideal match –


Mocha: The Caffeinated Cuddler

In the charming realm of Sweetopia, Mocha is your trusted companion. Known for their warm and soothing nature, they're like a cup of cocoa on a chilly afternoon. Their soft fur is reminiscent of the coziest cocoa blankets, making them the perfect friend for heartwarming moments. 


Cotton Candy: The Whimsical Sweetheart

Welcome to Sugarland, where Cotton Candy reigns as the queen of sweetness. With a heart as fluffy as her namesake, she brings joy and smiles to all who cross her path. Her fur is as light and airy as cotton candy clouds, making cuddles feel like a gentle sugary breeze.


Coconut Cream: The Tropical Dreamer

In the exotic paradise of Coco Isle, Coconut Cream is the embodiment of tropical bliss. With fur as creamy as fresh coconut milk, they carry the essence of sandy shores and swaying palms. Join them on adventures beneath the golden sun and experience a slice of paradise.


Blueberry Bliss: The Berry Voyager

Venture into Berryville, where Blueberry Bliss sets out on vibrant journeys. Their fur reflects the hues of ripe blueberries, and their zest for exploration matches the endless horizons of berry fields. Every cuddle feels like a burst of juicy sweetness.


Pâté: The Flavorful Guardian

n the mystical land of Flavorelia, Pâté is the guardian of delectable dreams. With fur as pure as whipped cream, they soar through vanilla skies, sprinkling sugary stardust. Their presence transforms moments into delectable memories.


Each Snuggle Bun features a sturdy keyring, ensuring effortless attachment to your keys, bag, or cherished belongings. These keychains echo responsible choices, utilizing rabbit fur remnants to minimize waste and contribute to sustainable crafting.In essence, "Snuggle Buns" invites you to weave a touch of whimsy into your life's narrative. Whether as a cherished accessory or a thoughtful gift, these charismatic keychains redefine the essence of charm and elegance.


Choose your hue, embark on a delectable adventure, and celebrate the fantastical world of "Snuggle Buns" – where every color shares its own tale and every rabbit becomes a masterpiece. Each of our Snuggle Bun Rabbit Keychains is approximately 15-20cm long (not including the keychain attachment).

Snuggle Buns ~ Real Fur style Keychain ~ Re-used fur ~ Natural Leathe

  • If you are an amazing human being ( & obviously have fantastic taste)  & you are buying this as a gift, please request your FREE gift wrapping in the notes section at the checkout!!