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Introducing Pocket Palz! Pocket Palz is a playful and whimsical brand that brings together the charm of animal plushies with the practicality of keychains. Our handmade keychains are crafted from real mink fur, and are designed to be pocket-sized companions that go wherever you go. Each Pocket Palz character is unique, and is made with love and attention to detail.


This listing is for "Cheeky Chicklet", "Dapper Duckie" & "Rainbow Rebel" Pocket pal! Please use the drop down menu to choose your Pocket Pal!


These adorable little keychains are the perfect addition to your keyring or favorite bag. Each one is crafted from real mink fur, which gives them a unique and charming appearance that is sure to delight everyone who sees them.


To create these delightful keychains, we use small pieces of scrap fur from various garments, so they come in a variety of colors. This approach ensures that we are making the most of every available piece of fur and minimizing waste in the process.


When you purchase one of these keychains, you will receive a lucky dip-style selection, meaning that one will be chosen at random for you. However, if you have a color preference, you can note it down, and we will do our best to match one for you.


Each keychain comes with a sturdy keyring, making it easy to attach to your keys, bag, or other favorite item. They make a great gift for anyone, big or small, and are sure to be treasured for years to come.


In addition to their adorable appearance, these keychains are also an excellent choice for anyone looking to make more sustainable choices. By using scrap fur from other garments, we are able to reduce waste and make the most of the resources available to us.


Overall, these little mice keychains are a delightful addition to any collection, and their charming appearance and sustainable construction make them a choice you can feel good about.

Pocket Palz ~ Real Fur style Keychain ~ Re-used fur ~ Natural Leather Hide ~

  • If you are an amazing human being ( & obviously have fantastic taste)  & you are buying this as a gift, please request your FREE gift wrapping in the notes section at the checkout!!

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