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Introducing "Flufftail the Fox," the charismatic unoffical mascot of Fox Hollow! Much more than a keychain, Flufftail brings the spirit of the wilderness right to your fingertips. As the embodiment of our brand's essence, Flufftail combines the allure of a larger-than-life keychain with the heartwarming charm of a beloved animal plushie.


At Fox Hollow, we take pride in creating products that resonate with enchantment and practicality, and Flufftail is no exception. With meticulous craftsmanship, this larger keychain is designed to make a statement while keeping your essentials close at hand.


Flufftail's charismatic presence captures the imagination, crafted with genuine rabbit fur that ensures a luxurious texture and a distinctively endearing appearance. This choice of material not only elevates the aesthetic but also reflects our dedication to responsible sourcing and sustainable practices.


Let Flufftail accompany you on your journey, whether by gracing your keyring, adorning your bag, or becoming a cherished display piece. With its substantial size and attention-grabbing presence, Flufftail is an ideal conversation starter and a symbol of your connection to the natural world.


When you choose Flufftail the Fox, you're selecting more than a keychain – you're making a conscious choice that aligns with your passion for nature and commitment to quality. Let Flufftail become a part of your story, a cherished companion that reflects the enchantment of Fox Hollow and the beauty of the wild.


Each Flufftail comes with 2 x adorable black eyes & an adorable black button nose with 2 x gold coloured keychain attachments for you to secure to the item of your choice! 


Elevate your style, carry a piece of nature's charm, and embrace the spirit of Fox Hollow with Flufftail the Fox – a charismatic mascot that stands as a testament to the magic of our brand.

Flufftail the Fox~ Real Fur style Keychain ~ Re-used fur ~ Natural Leather Hide~

  • If you are an amazing human being ( & obviously have fantastic taste)  & you are buying this as a gift, please request your FREE gift wrapping in the notes section at the checkout!!

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