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Explore the mysterious charm of nature with our unique Wild Vials, an enchanting collection of little glass jars meticulously filled with faux greenery and genuine small bones. Each vial is a miniature world, encapsulating the raw beauty of nature's remnants. Available in various sizes, our vials cater to different preferences: the compact 4cm to 6cm vials are priced at $10, while the slightly larger, approximately 7cm variety is available for $15.


Crafted with care, no two Wild Vials are the same, ensuring a truly unique piece for your collection. Inside, a curious assortment of bones, claws, teeth, and more from a variety of creatures such as rats, mice, and birds, lie in wait. These remnants, often leftover, broken, or otherwise unusable, are thoughtfully repurposed to minimize waste and honor the lives of these animals, embodying our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.


Wild Vials are not just ornaments but a connection to the natural world, a reminder of the delicate balance between life and death, and the beauty that resides in the odd and unexpected. Place them around your space to add a touch of nature’s eerie elegance and to keep a piece of the wild close to your everyday life.


While you have the option to choose the price point, the specific Wild Vial you receive will be randomly selected, inviting you to embrace the thrill of our lucky dip-style selection.

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