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Introducing "Whiskered Whimsy"! Delight in the enchantment of our fox fur keychains, where each piece is a miniature work of art that combines the grace of a fox with the whimsy of a swinging tail and a charming, randomly colored bowtie.


Immerse yourself in the magic of "Whiskered Whimsy" – a collection that celebrates the bond between foxes and their expressive tails. From the sophistication of "Midnight Elegance" to the purity of "Ivory Whiskers," the vibrancy of "Pink Posh Paws," the charisma of "Blue Whisker Charmer," and the cool allure of "Frosty Whiskeys," each option carries its own story.


Our keychains are crafted with genuine fox fur, sourced responsibly and chosen for its plush softness, forming the fluffy body & tail of our delightful fox charm. The synergy between the intricate details and the character of each color variant brings to life the captivating aura of the fox's world.


To capture the essence of whimsy, each keychain's bowtie is a whimsical pop of color that stands out, contrasting the primary hue of the fox. Regardless of your chosen color, the bowtie remains a delightful surprise, adding a playful touch to your furry companion


Choose your perfect match from our exquisite range – whether it's the elegance of "Midnight Elegance," the purity of "Ivory Whiskers," the charm of "Pink Posh Paws," the allure of "Blue Whisker Charmer," or the cool demeanor of "Frosty Whiskeys." Alternatively, embrace the excitement of a random selection and let destiny choose your Whiskered Whimsy. Each of our Whiskered Whimsy Foxes is approximately 15cm long (not including the keychain attachment).


Each keychain features a robust keyring, making it effortless to attach to your keys, bag, or treasured possession. Beyond their aesthetic charm, these keychains also reflect responsible choices. By using fox fur remnants, we're minimizing waste and contributing to sustainable crafting.

In summary, "Whiskered Whimsy" invites you to carry a touch of nature's magic with you wherever you go. Whether as a cherished accessory or a thoughtful gift, these charismatic keychains redefine elegance and charm. Choose your hue, embrace the unexpected, and celebrate the world of "Whiskered Whimsy" – where every color tells its own story, and each fox is a masterpiece.

Whiskered Whimsy~ Real Fur style Keychain ~ Re-used fur ~ Natural Leather

  • If you are an amazing human being ( & obviously have fantastic taste)  & you are buying this as a gift, please request your FREE gift wrapping in the notes section at the checkout!!